Title caption: September 2007

A close on: A Hispanic kid Li値 Rusty (11) severely
being beaten up. Fists come in and out of frame in rapid
motion. It痴 a brutal attack.

Wide angle - we are on a deserted site underneath the 110
freeway. Li値 Rusty stands in a circle of about 20 gang
members of MS-13. MS-13 stands for Mara Salvatrucha, the
most notorious gang in LA, mostly composed of
Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans coming from the
lowest social classes.

Li値 Rusty is kicked savagely by five of the strongest
members Benno, Sharkey, Big Jo, Dreamer and Joker. The
members are counting slowly while Li値 Rusty falls to the
ground and almost reaches the point of unconsciousness.

The gang bangers are wearing similar outfits; white Tshirts
or wife beaters, blue baggy shorts and white
sneakers. They all have shaved heads and numerous body
and facial tattoos containing the texts "MS", "13" and
their signature hand sign the "devil's head".

Sharkey is the savage one of the bunch. He has MS-13
tattooed across his forehead in Gothic script. Benno is
the best looking kid of the gang, well-built and muscly.
He痴 pounding in on Li値 Rusty. His eyes fierce and
piercing. The gang bangers urge Li値 Rusty in a mix of
English and Spanish to get up.

                  GANG BANGERS
          Get up homey. Come on!

Li値 Rusty crawls to his feet. He stands lanky and shaky
for a few seconds before he痴 being attacked again.

Suddenly the counting stops and so does the beating. The
gang bangers step backwards and look at Li値 Rusty laying
there barely conscious.

POV Li値 Rusty - his vision blurred, his heart pounding
in his head. Sharkey and Benno reach out their hand. Li値
Rusty grabs on and unsteadily lifts himself up. He stands
somewhat disoriented - his face is bleeding. He meets
Benno痴 gaze.

          How are you homes?

                  LI鱈 RUSTY
                (dazed, through bloodied
          My height came in...yeah...I知 good...


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